We have Reservation Management module:

The reservation management having information about reservation list and reservation calendar.

  1. Reservation list

  2. Reservation calendar

Reservation list:

Hotel owners can see the user/his own reserved users booking list with all the status confirmed,not confirmed,check in, check out and cancelled.

Using filters from, to date or reservation status or property name or reservation id, owners can check the reservation booking list.

URL: https://otel2go.com/hotels/orders/index 

When clicking on view link, he can view the reservation data and payment information and history data.

In payment information tab, hotel owner can enter the amount which user wants to pay after check in. Those added payment information you can view in the same tab and get the invoice by clicking on print button. 

The add amount button will be enabled only if the users has pending amount to pay or booked hotel using cash on delivery. And also vendor can add the extra charges to the users if they asked extra facility like food, blanket, drinking hot water etc.

In  history tab, hotel owners can change the status of the booking list manually.

URL: https://otel2go.com/hotel/showbooking/173

Adding charges: Owner can add extra charges based on customer need.

Added charge details can be listed here.

Adding payment:  Customer payment amount can be added here.

Customer payment details are listed here.

History tab: Hotel owner can change the status based on payment paid fully.

Reservation Calendar:

Hotel Owners can view all details about hotel booking based on status how many bookings done, availability, occupied and total count under particular properties.

Owner can see the graphical representation of the reservation by day, week and month wise. In the graph also if no reservation found on date then hotel owner can click the graph of particular date and reserve the user for the hotel.

URL: https://otel2go.com/hotels/dashboard